Weapons and Visual Customizations Detailed for Splatoon

Today’s Nintendo Direct Broadcast has provided information on the weapons, attire and game mechanics featured in the company’s upcoming online shooter, Splatoon.

Bill Trinen, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nintendo of America, explained how players play as “inklings” in the strange world of Splatoon. These are armed with weapons that shoot colorful jets of ink.

A special tower in the game’s hub world (plaza) allows players to interact with one another and play online multiplayer matches. Doing so earns them in-game currency that can be used to purchase new weapons for abilities and buffs in battle, and apparel for visual customization.

Players will be able to wield three different kinds of weapons. The primary weapon will be to color the battlefield with streams of ink. The secondary weapon will allow players to block an enemy’s attack or set up traps.

The third kind will deal with special attacks. Splatoon will release for the Wii U in North America in May. The game will be available both as retail, and digital from the company’s eShop.

Splatoon is a four-vs-four online shooter that was revealed at E3 2014. Players shoot with “ink-guns” and after which can swim through the paint in order to travel around and dodge attacks.

The color of inks are vital in this regard. You cannot jump into the enemy’s choice of colors.