PSN is Having Troubles Again Ahead of Scheduled Maintenance

PlayStation Network stopped working for a lot of players earlier this morning, when they were unable to log into Destiny. At first, they thought this might be a problem of Bungie’s servers, but Sony soon after revealed that it is actually PSN, which has gone offline yet again.

The PlayStation 3 users can now use PSN, but the users of PS4 will have to wait until the service is back online. However, this might take a while, as Sony has also scheduled a maintenance that is going to happen for a few hours starting tomorrow.

As of now, it has not been revealed how this outage will affect the scheduled maintenance, but we will find more about that in the next few hours (hopefully).

PSN has been suffering a great deal since the holidays, when it was taken down by the group of hackers calling themselves Lizard Squad. Even after the recovery, there have been incidents when the PSN went offline without any notice whatsoever.

The outages are certainly annoying for the players, who look forward to use online features on daily basis. Hopefully, Sony will bring the service back online soon, so that the players can dive back into their favorite games.

This is all the information we have to share at this moment, but we will update the article when the PSN comes back online.