Nintendo Releases New Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer to Showoff a Massive World

Today’s Nintendo Direct Broadcast saw to the release of a new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X, which gave us all some new footage to gnaw at.

Compared to its predecessor, the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X is massive. The trailer gives us only a glimpse into the new scale but it is enough for fans to start wondering how much time they will be investing to explore each region.

The trailer also offers footage of the native wildlife, featuring enormous creatures, flying worms and other elements that one can expect to find on an uncharted world.

A couple of months back, Game Director Tetsuya Takahashi shared that there are working on a number of different alien races. Each race will have its own unique attributes and culture. These races will all be detailed as we go closer to release day.

The story of the game follows an ark ship which crashed on the planet Mira, as the passengers of this ship try to make a new home on Mira.

The game is in development at Monolith Soft for the Wii U and is still without a release date. We were hoping that the new trailer would end with text informing us of at least a specific time-frame.

Nintendo though will continue to take its sweet time and leave us knowing that the game will release ‘sometime’ this year.