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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Launches on February 13, Limited Edition Announced

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will release for the Nintendo 3DS on February 13 in both North America and Europe, Capcom announced today during Nintendo’s Direct Broadcast.

The game will also be available as part of a limited edition bundle that will feature a Monster Hunter-themed 3DS XL (the new model) and which will retail for $229.99. The game will come pre-installed on the handheld.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will also be receiving a playable demo soon. The demo will give players access to all fourteen weapon classes and a tutorial for those new to the series. According to the announcement, codes to the demo will be distributed to Club Nintendo members and who will be given additional codes to distribute to their friends in order to play online. You should check your email by tomorrow to see if you were lucky enough to get access.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate borrows much from Monster Hunter 4G (currently only available in Japan), but will also bring new features in the shape of local wireless cooperative play, the new C-stick functionality and ability to hunt with up to three friends online.

Source Twitter