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Free-to-Play Pokemon Shuffle Announced for 3DS

Pokemon Shuffle is a new free-to-play puzzle game that will release for the Nintendo 3DS next month, Nintendo announced today during its Direct presentation.

The game is very similar to popular titles like Candy Crush and Bejeweled. Pokemon Shuffle simply replaces the candies and gems with faces of Pokemon. The core mechanics though remain the same. Simply line up three of the same kind of Pokemon to make them disappear in spectacular fashion and deal damage to a wild Pokemon.

The twist here is that players will be assigned a minimum number of moves for each stage. Players will have to sometimes think ahead about their chain of combos and in what ways they can efficiently deal the maximum amount of damage.

What Pokemon types you have will also play a factor in each battle. According to Nintendo collecting many Pokemon types will help players battle more effectively. Some types will have Mega Evolutions that help in dealing more damage.

The game is free-to-play and will have Hearts limit the number of times you can battle in a day. Players can either wait for the hearts to regenerate or purchase more from the eShop with real money.