Fans Are Trying to Bring Counter Strike Maps to Halo 2: Anniversary

Halo is one of the most loved franchises around the world and same is the case with Counter Strike. Both have some exceptional gameplay and some of the most famous multiplayer maps are a part of these two games.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to merge these two games? Playing Halo on Counter Strike maps and vice versa. It seems that someone has not only thought about this, but has actually started working on recreating Counter Strike maps for Halo 2: Anniversary.

MyHouseMyRules has done an amazing job to recreate popular Counter Strike maps such as fy_iceworld and the renowned de_dust. You can also see a video of his work above!

The maps might seem a bit unfamiliar to many but the creator explains:

“If you walk around you’ll see it. I initially made [dust] identical to CS, but have took away a lot of the walls and went with rocks, etc. because it looks better I thought. But everything else is pretty close to scale. Only deviation was adding the stairs next to catwalk like they had in [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive]. The map layout itself is nearly identical. I just started replacing building blocks with natural formations to give it more character.”

The maps are in development and if no hiccups occur, will be ready soon.

Will you be interested to play on these maps? What other Counter Strike Maps would you like to see in Halo? Let us know in the comments.