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EMTEC Reveals Hand Sized Play Cube Steam Box PC

Remember when Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were revealed and some of the commentators said that the size of Xbox One, in comparison to the PS4 was too big?

Well that was when the size of PlayStation 4 was thought to be okay. How about a device that would literally fit into your hand?

You would remember numerous Steam Box devices that are being developed by different companies. What we have at hand is called Play Cube Steam Box, an entry into the same field by EMTEC.

So what makes it stand apart? I would say the first thing is its size. According to a press release by EMTEC, it is only 4 x 2 x 5 inches (59 mm x 15 mm x 128 mm).

Nathalie Lamri who is the Marketing and Communication Director of the developers EMTEC believes that albeit having a variety of options, many of the people wanting to buy a PC or console are restricted by the price tags.

Lamri thinks that the Play Cube Steam Box is going to be the solution for all such customers:

There’s a wide range of high quality video game entertainment available today, but for many consumers, purchasing a dedicated gaming PC or console is either too expensive or too restrictive. With the Play Cube line, the whole family can easily enjoy everything from casual puzzles to immersive role-playing adventures in any room of the house, compatible with their existing library of PC and Android games.

The device has been priced at $899 and is expected to hit the racks by this fall.

Do you think that the ultra-compact size of the device is going to make it sell? Also, tell us if you think that the 900 bucks’ price tag is justified?