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New Nintendo 3DS Coming to NA On February 13?

Since the release of the New Nintendo 3DS in Japan and Australia, European and North American fans have been clamoring to get their hands on the new handheld.

Although no official announcement has been made about the release thus far, but Gamnesia has received a word from their sources, which claim that the marketing displays for the new handhelds have arrived at GameStop but they are not be used just yet.

The sources also reveal that Nintendo is planning to officially launch the New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL in NA on February 13.

The sources were able to get this data from the GameStop’s systems, which are now listing the release date for the new handhelds. Furthermore, the pre-orders of these handhelds will be opening in the next few days, so you can expect an official announcement pretty soon.

The release of New Nintendo 3DS in Japan happened without any exclusive titles, and it is very unlikely to happen in the NA and Europe release as well, but there are rumors that suggest that different bundles will be available upon launch that will feature Majora’s Mask 3D or Monster Hunter 4 for the NN3DS.

Do note that all of the information mentioned above is a rumor at this point, but if February 13 is indeed the official release date for the new handheld, then you can expect Nintendo to clarify the situation in near future.