Capcom Eying Street Fighter V Survey For Character Requests

Capcom has begun with the hype train for Street Fighter V and is now asking fans to who they want to see in the new installment.

A character-poll created by Play Magazine was shared earlier today by the official Street Fighter Facebook page. The poll features 85 characters from the Street Fighter universe, featuring the most popular and the least well known – most of whom were left out of Ultra Street Fighter IV. The poll has also an “others” option at the end, in case there is some name that is not included in the list.

The aim is simple. Users can place multiple votes for who they want to see in Street Fighter V, and Capcom may or may not take notice.

The developer though has not officially confirmed just how many characters the game will boast. A previous rumor indicated that Street Fighter V will only feature sixteen fighters. Capcom has not commented on this as of yet.

Street Fighter V is in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC. A release date is yet to be revealed but the game’s speculated to release late this fall. Capcom has already confirmed that Street Fighter V will feature cross-play support, allowing users from both platforms to play against each other.

You can vote on the poll yourself by clicking here.