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World of Warcraft Update 6.1 Patch Notes Datamined, Twitter Integration, New Mounts and More

World of Warcraft update 6.1 changelog has been leaked ahead of PTR testing. Patch notes revealed a lot about the upcoming changes, additions and improvements.

Apparently, Blizzard is introducing new quests that will take place at the Iron Docks, along with the addition of “Several new Sunwell battle pets.”

Moreover, Twitter is going to be fully integrated into the game and players will be able to share their battles with raid bosses, achievements and more.

Number of anti-aliasing options are being added as well to further enhance the game in terms of visuals. These options include MSAA, SSAA, SSAA + CMAA.

Killing a boss will now be shown through a brand new UI element and some form of deathlog will let you know how you died.

After 6.1, players will be able to cancel their fight-paths and can land at the next Fight Master in their trip. You can see some other highlights from the leaked changelog below, or visit the link here for more details.


  • Draenor now has a Loremaster achievement
  • Treasure Maps will be a reward of completing a zone’s storylines and garrison missions
  • Darkmoon Faire race achievements have been added

New Mounts

  • Chauffeured Mechano-Hog – Why drive yourself around when you can hire someone to do it for you?
  • Chauffeured Mekgineer’s Chopper – Transportation is a precise business.
  • Voidtalon of the Dark Star – Born of the void in the presence of the Dark Star.


  • Garrison Scout Report will give you a new mission.
  • Mission Completion Orders will instantly complete a mission
  • Items were added to instantly complete 5 work orders, such as Rush Order: Lumber Mill
  • You can reroll traits and abilities with Follower Trait Retraining and Follower Ability Retraining
  • Tome of Knowledge will give a follower some XP

It should be noted that, Blizzard is yet to officially reveal these changes, so nothing is confirmed yet.