Treyarch Looking Into “PC Specific Optimizations and Features” for New Call of Duty

Treyarch is reported to be laying heavy focus on the PC version of its next upcoming title, which presumingly is the new Call of Duty game set to release later this year.

A new job listing discovered on the studio’s LinkedIn page reveals that Treyarch is looking into “PC specific optimizations and features.” A top-level candidate is being looked for the position of Senior Graphics Engineer. The individual will be implementing new graphics technology, improving existing graphics capabilities and engine, fixing PC bugs and the sort.

Last year, we bore witness to a dozen or so titles that were released with horrible optimization on the PC platform. The main reel in this regard was of Ubisoft that seemingly went into a downward spiral following the release of Watch Dogs – another mess on the PC.

With Treyarch apparently very interested in sorting out these issues while developing the game, players on PC can breath a sigh of relief that for once they won’t have to wait for a series of patches to make the game playable. At least that’s what everyone would be hoping for.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released last year and surprisingly ran pretty well on the PC. Treyarch should be looking at that when working on its own installment.

Source LinkedIn