Sony is Roughly Earning More Than $50 Million a Month from PlayStation Plus

This generation of consoles has been dominated by Sony since the beginning and they have been in the driving seat with more than 18 million PS4 consoles sold worldwide since launch.

Sales figures were recently revealed alongside another interesting number. Sony announced that PlayStation Plus subscribers have reached 10.9 million. Online multiplayer was free on PS3 but now requires PS Plus. Something, that many users didn’t really like when the announcement was made.

Now, if we take $5 on average as a reference for single subscription per month, Sony is earning $54.5 million per month from PlayStation Plus.

The service has tremendous value especially the instant games collection. Every month Sony offers some amazing titles for free across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. The best part is that if you own more than one Sony platform, you don’t have to worry about having separate subscriptions. One PS Plus membership will work across all platforms.

The only thing that’s disappointing is the stability issues of PSN. Sony is charging $50 for one year subscription of PS Plus, and since it’s a paid system that one can hope that they would have a better infrastructure but I believe that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Hopefully, Sony will take solid steps to insure the security and stability of their network which is used by millions on a daily basis.