PS4 China Delay is Not Related to PSN Attack, Says Andrew House

Just recently, we reported that Sony’s latest gaming machine PS4, has been delayed in China. One report suggested that is was due to prolonged negotiations with the Chinese authorities but Sony never gave an official statement/explanation regarding this delay.

Fans were left disappointed and speculations were made by many, on the reason behind this situation. Sony delaying the system just a few days before release was certainly suspicious and some suggested that it could be due to the recent DDoS attack on PSN. As you know, PSN was down on Christmas and days to follow.

It became necessary for Sony to comment on this and thankfully, they have. Sony’s Andrew House spoke to The Wall Street Journal about this matter, and assured everybody that the delay had no ties with the recent PSN attack.

House clarified that “it’s completely not associated with any of those issues or indeed any kind of Japan-China relations,”

Still the question remains, why the delay? House made it clear that is was due to “a request from the authorities to make an adjustment to the business plan.”

House didn’t mention what type of adjustments but for the time being, this statement will put certain speculations to rest.

Breaking into the Chinese Market is not easy as several factors have an impact, including strict censorship. The Chinese authorities are not known for making compromises and Sony will have to play by their rules, in order to penetrate this market.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is already available in China and fans are now looking forward to the debut for Sony’s PS4. Hopefully, they won’t have to wait for long.