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Planetside 2: RecordSmash Event Hopes to Set New Guinness World Record

Planetside 2 is preparing to break the world record for the “largest online first-person shooter battle” and in doing so land itself in the Guinness World Records of 2015.

The event dubbed RecordSmash is scheduled for January 24 at 22:00 UTC and will be broadcasted live through Twitch.

Currently the Guinness World Record for the category is held by Man vs. Machine which in 2012 saw to 999 players taking part. Planetside 2 is hoping to break that record with over 1,100 players who have been called for from all corners of the globe.

RecordSmash is being organized by the player run organization, Planetside Battles (PSB). The organization is known for hosting ServerSmash matches where population from two whole servers duke it out in a single plane. Each battle consists of nearly 240 players on both sides where the goal is to take over an entire continent.

In comparison, the RecordSmash event is expecting an attendance of 384 players from each of the three factions, making it a three-way fight. Where ServerSmash sees to players dividing between servers, the new event will see to players being divided by faction.

“This will be by far the biggest organized event for Planetside Battles, as a community, and for Planetside as a game,” said the organizer, “and we are announcing this as early as we can to prepare. We cannot do this without the help that SOE is providing and we cannot do this without YOU.”

To be part of this mega event, you’re to simply fill out the following form.

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