New H1Z1 Developer Video Discuses Vehicles and More

H1Z1 is Sony’s flagship zombie game that will go into early access on January 15, 2015. Just ahead of early access, Sony Online Entertainment has put up another one of its developer chat videos.

In this installment, developer Deve Avram speaks of his role from behind the scenes, working on the vehicle system of H1Z1, which he seems to be proud of.

H1Z1 features a massive open-world infested with flesh eating monsters. Having vehicles will help players travel faster and have fun running over zombies along the way. These can also be used to kill other players for supplies or help them escape. It’s all up to you.

Surely, not everyone will get to drive a car and it is unclear how and where we’ll find these. It will really be a cool feature, if they allow players to fix broken vehicles laying around in the streets and make them driveable.

Moreover, dave discussed the ability to shoot zombies from the back of pickup trucks. This can be highly useful if two players cooperate. One of them takes the wheels while the other shoots from the back.

Towards the end of the video, Dave shares with the fans some details about a recent bug, which allowed the car to leave behind its driver and find its own path. For more on H1Z1, you can check out the video above.