Mirror’s Edge 2 Listed For a 2015 Release by Microsoft

The original Mirror’s Edge was a huge hit among fans and a sequel after that was always on the cards. Fans have been waiting for the next game for a long time as the first game was released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC back in 2008.

EA announced the next Mirror’s Edge at E3 2013 and since then things have been quiet. No release date was mentioned along with the announcement but it was stated that the game will be available “when it’s ready.”

However, Microsoft has listed the game as a 2015 release on its store. It should be noted that the store in question is Microsoft Store, not the Xbox One Marketplace.

EA or DICE are yet to reveal a solid release date or a release window for that matter. It is a possibility that this is just a placeholder date but considering that the game is listed by Microsoft, who surely have solid inside information on the happenings, we might see the game come out this year.

I believe that even though Microsoft has listed the game as a 2015 release, nor EA or DICE will reveal anything until E3 later this year.

Mirror’s Edge 2 will tell the Origin story of Faith, so it’s not a sequel fans might have hoped for. Still, it’s a Mirror’s Edge game and we will surely have a great experience.

Mirror’s Edge 2 is going to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC for $59.99.