Mass Effect 4 isn’t an Xbox One Exclusive, Bioware Clarifies

If you were worried after hearing speculations regarding the exclusivity of Mass Effect 4, and that too on Xbox One, fret no more.

This is because all those alleged news that which told you that Mass Effect 4 is an Xbox one exclusive have been refuted by the developer Bioware itself.

Michael Gamble, the producer of Mass Effect 4 was inquired on his Twitter profile regarding the matter and, thankfully, he replied by saying that it was nothing but a rumor.

That is not all, Mass Effect 4 is not even a timed exclusive for Microsoft’s console. So there you have it; the game is coming out and it is coming out grand on – hopefully – all the major platforms.

There is another tweet that came from his official Twitter profile that will spread a smile across all the fans who have been through the trilogy:

Best thing said during my milestone review with [Aaryn Flynn] Yep. This feels like Mass Effect

Recently, the developers have been boasting of how good the game looks. For instance when Jos Hendriks tweeted that “Space sure looks pretty these days,” or when he said that he was “loving the feel of the Mako zipping across terrain.”

These guys really know how to tease.

We first heard of Mass Effect 4 in November 2012 and even after that, the developers have been tight lipped for the most part. In fact the game is still to be named officially.

However, at last year’s E3 we did get a good glimpse of what was going to come our way soon. If only they would share when was that “soon” going to be.

So, ME4 is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well. What else would you like to add to that?