Journey PS4 Version isn’t Too Far, Vita Port Would be Awesome

Back in August last year, a listing for the year’s Gmaescom had leaked the existence of a PlayStation 4 version Journey. Now we know that it is really coming.

However, the news at hand is bigger than that.

While we know that the PS4 version is coming, developers Thatgamecompany have revealed that the release is not too far away. On the official Twitter profile of the developer, a fan asked if there was anything that they could share on the matter. Here’s how they responded to that:

Tricky Pixels is still working on the port, and it won’t be announced until it’s been completed, but it’s not too far off.

Just so that you don’t get confused, Tricky Pixels is the development studio that is developing the PS4 version of Journey, not Thatgamecompany.

So yes, if it is not too far off, it better get released in the coming month or two!

If you don’t know where that excitement is coming from, I suggest that you check out this gameplay video that we shared with you after the game was revealed last year.

That is not all. The developers were also asked if there was a possibility that the game could get a PlayStation Vita port sometime down the line.

While they didn’t reveal anything, their response did reveal that the idea is something that the developers like. Here’s why:

Nothing has been announced by Sony yet, but it’s be awesome, if possible.

Journey was originally developed as a PlayStation 3 exclusive and was released through the PlayStation Network in March 2012. This was followed by a retail release in the North American and the European Union regions in August 2012 ans June 2013 respectively.