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Flappy Bird is Returning in Form of an Arcade Game!

Do you remember Flappy Bird? Of course you do, what a lame question! However, do you remember Dong Nguyen, the game developer announcing that the game was gone forever?

Well, it seems like his claim was only partially true, thanks to Bay Tek Games.

Flappy Bird is back, and this time it has come in the form of an arcade game with a fully customized arcade station!

The official website of Bay Tek Games has made the big announcement itself and I am sure they are right when they claim that it will have players coming back for more. Here’s a part of the official announcement post that they have made:

Simply press the large red button to skillfully maneuver the bird through the openings in the pipes. Having the bird touch one of the pipes or the ground ends the game for the player. Earn tickets with each set of pipes that the bird successfully passes through. Players can compete for the daily high score or the all-time high score. The recognizable Flappy Bird artwork, 42” monitor and colorful lighting will sure be a great addition to any game room.

That being said, you might also want to know more about the arcade station itself. For that, you can check out the image we have attached and read on for the game specifications below.


  • Dimensions: 37″ W x 40″ D x 91″H
  • Weight: 300 LBS.
  • Shipping Weight: 370 LBS.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 44″W x 40″D x 81″H
  • Power: @110V: 1.8 amps, @220V: 0.9 amps

Keep checking back for more information on the pricing as well as launch schedule of the Flappy Bird arcade game.