Destiny: House of Wolves Leak Reveals List of Weapons, Armor, Misisions and More

Destiny received its first DLC expansion (The Dark Below) last year in December and we’re now already hearing details about the next expansion pack, House of Wolves.

According to a leaked image on Reddit, the next expansion pack is scheduled for a release on March 10. The image is allegedly said to be from a presentation slide shown in an internal meeting session of Activision. More so, the image also offers details on the new weapons, armors, ships, loot, missions and other content that will be featured in House of Wolves.

You can open the image below in its full resolution to go through the comprehensive list of each category. There’s also a mention of Hardcore Crucible, as well as some other names that will have fans on edge.

Once you’re through the image, you can start debating on the authenticity of the leak. Provided that the release date is accurate, we’ll soon know next month if House of Wolves is releasing in March or not.

Destiny: House of Wolves

Source Reddit