Smite Season 2 Will Add Conquest Map Among Other Changes

The first season of Smite eSports, which has been going on at the World Championship, will come to an end this weekend.

Hi-Rez Studios didn’t want to wait until the competition is over, as they have unveiled the biggest change that will be coming in season 2: a fully overhauled Conquest Map to allow for a better gameplay.

With this new map, the developers are aiming to improve the navigation and immersion for the players. More landmarks will be added which will help players in identifying their location, so that other players can join up with him/her.

Two biggest changes that players will notice straight away are the beach front addition on one side of the map, and a volcanic region which will erupt from the opposite side.

Furthermore, the map’s neutral monsters named as the Gold Fury and the Fire Giant will make a special entrance, instead of just popping up on the map.

Apart from the changes that have been revealed above, Hi-Rez Studio assures that there is a lot more in store for the players, but no details can be provided on them just yet.

The new and improved Conquest Map will become part of Smite on Jan. 28, 2015 along with other Season 2 changes.

Are you looking forward to play the Season 2?