Next Minecraft Update will Let US Players Play Worldwide

The developers of Minecraft, 4J Studios have been hard at work on the next update for their immensely popular sandbox game.

While there still is some time in the release of the said update, the studio is willing to delve into what is being done.

On the official Twitter profile of 4J Studios, they have been sharing tweets regarding some of the bugs that are going to be fixed. The latest among these is a tweet where they confirmed that player of the US regions who weren’t able to play with other from across the globe, will now be able to do so:

In the next update, we’ll fix the issue with [Minecraft PlayStation 4] in North America not being able to play with players from the rest of the world.

Two other tweets also promised to fix some issues where the first one said that “the Save Transfer issue with Xbox 360 is a bug and will be fixed in the next update.” This will hopefully come in addition to a fix for the same issue with PS3 and PS Vita.

Another tweet was related to the Horse despawn and Redstone issues that many Minecraft fans are facing:

We’re also fixing the Horse despawn issue, the Redstone issues and more in the next update. And yes, we like biscuits.

Among other things that are going to be fixed, on bug is related to the issue when players get stone brick stairs with just cobblestone.

Last but not the least, don’t expect the update to come out next week as the process of certification from Microsoft and Sony is also going to take some time one they are done with finalizing the update itself.