Here’s the First Look at Killer Instinct’s Newest Character ‘Omen’

Omen was recently revealed as a new character in Microsoft’s flagship fighting game, Killer Instinct. Players looking forward to this new addition will be happy to know that Iron Galaxy has officially revealed new gameplay footage of Omen.

The video was revealed during a live stream, which showed Omen’s great combat skills and awesome looks. The footage kicked off and Omen had his hands full while going up against Sabrewulf. However, Omen packs some deadly moves and was able to take down Sabrewulf with a combination of combos.

When it comes to his looks, Omen certainly is one of the coolest additions. The guy looks like a blue version of Dare Devil with Batwings and electricity running through his body. Cool and intimidating at the same time!

Moreover, since Omen is a bonus character, he won’t be getting any costumes – may be some color variations in the future, but no costumes for this guy.

If you wish to include Omen in your roster, you must purchase the Combo Pack or Ultra Combo Pack for Killer Instinct.

So there you have it, a brand new addition to Killer Instinct. Let us know what you think of Omen in the comments below!