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Here’s Why Evolve Beta is Happening After Game Completion

Turtle Rock Studios announced only a day ago that the Evolve had gone gold. Previously, the Evolve Beta has also been announced by the developers.

Conventionally, the two things occurred in the wrong order. Usually, a game goes into the beta first and then the development is completed i.e. it is announced that the game has gone gold.

The publisher 2K Games was asked to comment on this by Game Informer so that we could find out what exactly were they at.

In a statement provided recently, the publisher has said that while it has been announced that the game has gone gold, developers are still working on progression and characters.

Moving on, they added that now a days “hot fixes on launch day” can be released with ease and that would make the Evolve Beta phase still relevant. Here’s the other part of the statement:

The beta is to test our server infrastructure again so that everything runs smoothly on launch day and the servers remain up and stable. To put it another way, we had a ton of learnings a from the Big Alpha that are being applied to the beta to create an even better and more stable experience. When potentially millions of players bang on the servers during open beta, we’ll no doubt have even more learnings to apply to the games final launch.

Evolve is being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and it has been announced that it will be released to all the platforms together on February 10, 2015.

Are you taking pat in the Evolve Beta phase? If so, do you think that it is a good decision when developers leave off some tweaks and issues to be taken care of with a launch day patch?