Elite Dangerous Update 1.04 Fixes Server Issues & Bounties

Elite Dangerous players can now upgrade their copy of the game to version 1.04. The update was being teased for a few days and has finally gone live. The update includes Kepler 493 and 442-B.

One of the issues players have been facing lately is regarding bounties. Players reported that they were unable to receive bounties after killing another player or “by breaking critical modules.” Thankfully, update 1.04 will now fix this problem once and for all.

According to patch notes, some improvements have been made to matchmaking as well, so now you are more likely to see other players, who are in the same “region of space as you are.”

You can see some of the highlights from the changelog below:

  • If a station somehow loses its parent then move it to another body so players at that station can load
  • Prevent inconsistencies between client and server in which parts of a sector are and are not occupied
  • Some fixes to meta-data that were being disguised by an issue with inconsistent generation
  • When deciding if we should go hostile to a faction we just shot, consider whether the target has a local bounty rather than a bounty with their own faction. Prevent people being attacked by the police after attack nearby wanted targets
  • Fix only the first consequence being applied to the universe state when completing a mission
  • Set killer before we do ship death – fixes problem with players not getting bounties or reputation when they kill other players by breaking critical modules
  • Reduce likelihood of server disconnects from stellar forge server queries
  • Fix mouse control if galaxy map opened with key binding when in outfitting
  • Updated exoplanets Kepler 438 b and 442 b

Frontier has also teased some upcoming content that is being worked on and will be available in the near future. Frontier has mentioned the Wings once again, which will be released alongside some brand new ships. Release for the new “paid content” is currently being finalized.