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Dead Island 2 Creative Producer Discusses Seamless Multiplayer & Improvements

The first Dead Island was one of the best zombie games I played. I just loved smashing zombie skulls with a baseball bat or any other melee weapon for that matter.

Since Dead Island 2 is now officially a thing, expectations are pretty high for the sequel. In the zombie genre, it’s not easy for developers to innovate or do something different. A zombie game can only be about bashing the creatures, but what can be done to make it as fun as possible for all parties involved? With the exception of zombies, I have a feeling they don’t consider being hit with a baseball bat as fun.

Speaking about Dead Island 2 and its improvements over the first game, Creative Producer Jan Eric Lauble commented on the game’s updated combat system that will allow players a variety of ways to “slaughter zombies.”

In his own words:

The updated combat system offers way more control and possibilities and the weapon categories offer more variety through different attack types. And new additional features such as the dual wield system provide creative new ways for the player to slaughter zombies.

Another change will be an improved crafting system, which is going to allow players to “craft and repair their weapons whenever and wherever they want.”

Meanwhile, the new modification system will let players add more than one mod to their weapon of choice that will give them more freedom in weapon customizations.

Multiplayer, will be the most awesome part of Dead Island 2, if you ask me. 8 players will be thrown in open world environment and they will decide on their own if they want to compete, cooperate, or simply coexist. Lauble explained:

Our zombie California is full of missions and events to support all kinds of different playstyles, and by offering everything in one single world we create a seamless experience without any boundaries, matchmaking lobbies, or loading times.

Dead Island 2 is one of the hottest games of this year and will be available sometime in the second quarter. Release date is expected to be announced in the coming months.