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Bravely Second Gets New Exorcist ‘Healing’ Class

Square Enix has announced a new class for upcoming RPG Bravely Second.

The Exorcist was revealed during a recent Japanese live stream, and is being treated as a ‘healing’ class. The class has the ability to turn back time in the midst of battle and give players a few turns to think upon their actions. This can be suitable if things go wrong and you’re left with your back to the wall.

In a demonstration of the class’ abilities, “Never Happened” turned back time by three turns. Doing so helped revive all fallen comrades and practically reset the battlefield. The abilities also have a relatively low cost, so players will be able to use them regularly and without the fear of having too few resources to pull off a save.

Square Enix also showed off the Asterisk Holder for the Exorcist Class, which is shown in the image above. It additionally confirmed that the game will feature about 30 jobs in total on release.

Bravely Second is in development at Silicon Studio for the Nintendo 3DS and is due for release on April 23 this year. It’s the sequel to Bravely Default, which was widely received by the masses when it released on the 3DS back in October, 2012.

via Siliconera