Apple To Raise App Store Prices To Adjust the New VAT

Apple has sent out an e-mail to all major application developers on their stores, informing them that the rates of the games on the Apple Store will be increased starting tomorrow to adjust in the Value Added Tax (VAT) rates and foreign exchange rates.

The price increase will affect the countries in European Union along with Canada, Norway, and Russia. The changes have been brought in due to the ongoing currency fluctuations, and it is a possibility that Apple will bring some more changes to the pricing structure, if there are more fluctuations.

It was reported back in December that Apple is planning on to shift its App Store pricing model that will be adjusted according to the country of residence of the user, instead of the whole Europe. This meant that the users will have to pay the fees in accordance to the countries they reside in.

It is all the information that we have available at this point of time, but we will share more if Apple decides to further change the overall rates in the said countries.

What pricing changes are you experiencing in your respective Apple Stores? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Apple Insider.