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Xbox Live Is Having Issues Once Again, Some Services Are Unavailable

It seems as though Xbox Live is not yet fully back up on its feet, after being on the wrong end of a DDoS, a few weeks ago. Just recently we reported connectivity and other issues with Xbox Live, due to which players were unable to use online features on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

At the time of this writing, Xbox Live status page suggests that the network is having some issues once again. Social and Gaming features are limited and users can’t access popular apps such as IGN and Maxim. However, the page only lists Xbox 360 as the console affected by these annoyances.

One user on twitter posted that the network keeps logging her out while others are claiming to have problems while trying to play online.

It is unclear at the moment how widespread this issue is but these problems are surely disappointing for Xbox fans as the company is believed to have a pretty strong infrastructure and we rarely see the network having issues for a prolonged period of time.

It can’t be said for sure if these issues are related to the happenings of Christmas but if they are, it’s a sham that Microsoft isn’t able to recover even after weeks.

Are you having issues with Xbox Live? Let us know of it in the comments section below.