The Elder Scrolls Online Listed for February 24 Release on Microsoft Store

An updated listing on the Microsoft Store for The Elder Scrolls Online pegs the game for a release on February 24 for the Xbox One.

Since there has been no official confirmation from either the developer or publisher, the date can be taken as a placeholder. However, Massively points out that the date is in fact a Tuesday on which a majority of games are released in North America.

The Elder Scrolls Online was previously planned for a release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside the PC version in mid 2014. The next-gen versions were then pushed back to June, after which they were delayed further until late 2014.

In December, Game Director Matt Firor provided an update where he said that the game was in a “playable” state at the studio and that it was “fun.” He also said that there was still some work left to be done and hence the team cannot announce an official launch date yet.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions are said to not be simply ports of the PC version. The user-interface has been switched out with a new one that’s tailored for a “controller and a living room play experience in mind.” Similarly there have been numerous other improvements and additions that the developer states will make the wait worth it.