Smite PC Progress Can Be Transferred To Xbox One In Selected Regions

Just a couple of days ago, Hi-Rez Studio announced Smite Xbox One beta and today they have shared some more titbits, confirming that the PC players will be able to transfer their progress to Xbox One version, but only in selected regions.

Hi-Rez’s COO, Todd Harris stated that the regions in which the progress will carry over are Europe and North America:

The answer [to your question about having to repurchase content] may vary by territory. Within North America and Europe — the markets we self-publish in — we are going to work with Microsoft to have some path for previous playtime and purchases to carry over on a one-time basis. Players can opt in on that. More details are to be determined, but they will not be starting from scratch.

Not a lot of free-to-play titles made their way to last-gen consoles, but the trend is changing this time around as we have seen multiple popular titles using the freemium model available on both platforms.

Smite was made available for Microsoft Windows in March last year, where it got a fairly decent reception from both the critics and fans alike for its co-op and MOBA gameplay.

No fixed release date has been provided for Xbox One release just yet, but with beta now getting underway, you can expect the game to come out sooner rather than later.

If you wish to participate in the upcoming beta for Smite, then sign-up right here.