Pre-Order Evolve to Unlock Tier 3 Characters and Behemoth

Pre-ordering Evolve will get you day-one access to a new tier of characters, as well as a new monster, 2K Games has announced today.

Presently Evolve has three tiers of characters. You’ll start the game off with its tier 1 set which features four hunters, whom we’ve played with during the alpha and beta events. Progression with these four will help us unlock the second and then third tier of characters for the game.

Pre-ordering the game now though will give players instant access to the third set – Parnell, Caira, Abe, and Cabot. Doing so will also unlock the Monster Expansion Pack, which includes the game’s unannounced fourth monster called Behemoth and the Savage Goliath skin. This will normally sell for $15.

Evolve is due for release on February 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. An open beta test for the Xbox One will commence from January 15 and run through to 19. Meanwhile the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms enjoyed their respective alpha/beta events last year.

Evolve is from the creators of Left 4 Dead. The new game also sticks to the core four hunters routine. However, now players must work together to bring down a monster that is also being played by a fifth player. Tracking and killing him early is easier but will net you less rewards. Delaying the hunt will allow the monster to gain strength, making the fights harder but more rewarding.