New Black Desert Trailer Shows Off the Goofy Tamer Class

The last time we heard of Pearl Abyss’ sandbox MMORPG was when the open beta of Black Desert Online was started on December 17. Before that there were these new screenshots that boasted of impressive visuals.

This time around, the developers have released a new trailer with some more solid features. The trailer is only 38 second long and it shows one of the classes that the game is going to feature.

Tamer is one of the more goofier among the classes but it is pretty efficient with sticks. You see the cute looking girl taking on enemies that are multiple times bigger than herself.

Around the second half of the trailer you see her using what looks like one of her special attacks on an enemy. It is all blue and black streaks, but I am sure it has a pretty nasty effect on any and all enemies.

In the end, she is also riding an animal while fighting some more.

What we know so far is that Daum Games is going to publish the game in the North American and European Union regions. However, it is still unclear when exactly are we going to get our hands on Black Desert.