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New Destiny Patch will Remove Crota’s End Exploits, More Details Inside

Bungie has shared details regarding the first update of 2015 for Destiny, and instead of adding some new stuff to the game, this update mostly just takes away.

Players have a tendency to find exploits in almost every single game, and Destiny is no different. We saw multiple exploits being found and then nerfed by the developers. This new update will also do the same, as it will take care of most of the exploits that are currently plaguing the overall gaming experience.

With the launch of The Dark Below expansion, it was inevitable that players will find different exploits, and they did, especially in the Crota’s End raid. This allowed players to even complete the whole thing without any help whatsoever.

However, this will not be the case after the latest update has been released, as all of the exploits that made the raid a bit easier will be eradicated.

Apart from fixing the exploits, this update will also bring new versions of exotic weapons drop to Vault of Glass Raid. Furthermore, new Crucible maps will be added to Clash and Control playlists, these maps are named as The Anomaly, Asylum and The Burning Shrine.

The Iron Banner will also make a comeback on January 13 with new rewards and will last for one week, ending on Jan. 19th. Developers claim that this new update will also be ready for deployment on coming Tuesday.

For more information on this upcoming patch for Destiny, check out Bungie’s official weekly update.