Brandish The Dark Revenant Hits on Jan 13, Launch Trailer Inside

Brandish, the Japanese RPG was originally released so long ago that many of us wouldn’t even remember the game being launched. So I guess it made sense that Nihon Falcom released a complete remake in 2009 titled Brandish The Dark Revenant.

However, the remake was released only in the Japanese region and all the North American fans were left out. This is about to change now as Xseed Games is now bringing the game to North America.

Now, the official release date of Brandish The Dark Revenant has been announced, and it is not too far! You are going to be able to revisit the game on January 13, 2015!

That is not all, the developers have also released the launch trailer for the game – just to show off what is in store for you.

you can check it out above; it is full of everything that Nihon Falcom boasts of i.e. dungeons, monsters, labyrinths, traps, puzzles and of course the loved swordsman Ares Toraernos.

Brandish The Dark Revenant is being released in the North America through the PlayStation Network for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. It is going to set you back by $19.99 in case you decide to purchase it.