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BladeStorm: Nightmare Delayed To March 17, Koei Tecmo Confirms

Fans of the anticipated BladeStorm: Nightmare will be disappointed to know that the game has been delayed. Which as I said, is a disappointment but I don’t think hearing about a game being delayed will come as a surprise to any gamer by now.

On the bright side, BladeStorm hasn’t been pushed a long way back and has only been delayed for a couple of weeks. So all of you can relax.

Developer Koei Tecmo failed to mention the reason due to which this awaited game has been delayed. However, considering the duration of the delay, it seems that it was only due to some final tweaks and improvements.

Originally, the game was planned to be released on March 3 but will now be available to the fans on March 17 in North America, while fans in Europe will get it on March 20.

Hopes are, that the game won’t suffer from further delays and will be available to the fans on the said date. As for the platforms, BladeStorm: Nightmare is going to come out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 3 (digital download only).

In addition, new images from the game have also been shared. Which you can see below. This medieval strategy is a remake of BladeStorm: The Hundred Years War and similarly revolves around the French and English conflict of 1337 and 1452.

One of the new features it will ship with is an updated battle system, that will give you complete control over 4 army units at the same time.