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Betting on GTA Online Jobs Disabled by Rockstar Games

GTA 5/ GTA Online is one of the few games have reached the level of popularity among its field. Which is why everything that happens in the GTA world matters to many. The latest development we have for fans of the game is about the betting feature that has apparently been disabled temporarily.

Rockstar Games has been lauded for the level of responsibility that they show with regards to their games, especially GTA 5. This has been the case whether we are talking about glitches and bugs that marred the game in the beginning or the title updates that the developers have planned for it.

So apparently, something went wrong with the betting feature of the game i.e. where different players can bet on jobs from within the game. This led to the feature being disabled by the developers who are currently investigating the issue.

The official support page of Rockstar Games has been fairly active with instances like these and so here’s an update that they have provided on the matter:

Betting has been temporarily disabled in GTA Online while we investigate an issue, but will return in a future Title Update. If you would like to receive an automatic email notification as soon as there is more information, please log into the Support site and click Subscribe [to the Rockstar Games Support page].

So yes, the betting feature is gone for now but it isn’t going to be a problem for long. The change is temporary and I am sure all of the GTA Online fans can wait until the next update for the game arrives.

How often have you bet on one of the jobs in the game? Do you think it is the kind of a feature that matters?