A New Baldur’s Gate Title is Confirmed to Be in Development

Baldur’s Gate fans will be happy to know that the next installment in the franchise has been announced to be in development. The title is being developed under the project name “Adventure Y” and won’t be a sequel. That’s because the title takes place between the happenings of the Enhanced Edition of the first game and Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadow of Ams.

The news was revealed in a post on Beamdog:

This year, the eagerly anticipated Adventure Y will finally navigate the dark underground caverns of development and venture out into the Sword Coast. We’ve mentioned before that Adventure Y will be an addition to the Baldur’s Gate line using the Infinity engine, bridging the gap between Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

Adventure Y was being teased for a while and this post finally confirmed it as a Baldur’s Gate title. Developers are not yet ready to reveal much about the game, but in the post they did mention that the game is being built using the Infinity Engine.

That’s a really interesting fact to know if you are familiar with the history of Baldur’s Gate. Long-time fans will know that Infinity is the same engine which was used for the development of the first Baldur’s Gate game.

As for the release date, developers are planning to announce it this spring, along with some new details.