Team Fortress 2 Snowplow Map Rejected by Valve, Released by Fans

In the video above, you will get to check out the CP_Snowplow map from Team Fortress 2 which is actually a fan made project that they have been working on for some time now.

While it is sad when developers don’t allow a certain creation to go official even after numerous community members have worked hard on it, the community has decided that they will still go ahead with it despite the fact that the said Team Fortress 2 map has been rejected by Valve.

Had it been approved, the Snowplow map would have made it to the game through the End of the Line update for the game.

The primary creators of the map are two guys, Tim “YM” Johnson and Joe “Fr0z3nR” Radak. Johnson originally started working on it over a year ago and was joined by Radak shortly thereafter.

The video above shows you the journey of the map’s development from the scratch to its rejection by Valve.

It would really sadden a Team Fortress 2 fan to know that the map doesn’t have Valve’s endorsement because it is, in reality, a re-enactment of the End of the Line short film.

Check out the video above and tell me what you think of it.