Star Citizen Reaches $69 Million in Crowdfunding

Star Citizen rampages into the new year by crossing $69 million in crowdfunding.

The space simulator from Cloud Imperium Games recorded a $3 million increase in just the last month, suggesting that backers already had planned what to do with their Christmas money.

Currently, the official website has not been updated to tell what new features will be added to the game based on the new milestone. If I were in their place, I would have a hard time trying to decide what new goals should be placed for upcoming funding thresholds, keeping in view how the backers just continue to roll in.

Last year Cloud Imperium Games announced that it will release the Persistent Universe and the single-player Squadron 42 campaign in 2015. Additionally, we could also the first-person module which would be a new flavor for the game.

At some time in the future, which might even be this year, Star Citizen could hit the $100 million mark. How soon depends on how the new additions are going to be received by the community.

Star Citizen still has a long way to go before it is completed. Even for the promised 2015 goals, the studio has its hands full. Studio founder Chris Roberts believes that no one will be disappointed with how Star Citizen comes out to be. I believe him.

via IncGamers