Sony Has Delayed the Launch of Playstation 4 in China

Playstation 4 has been dominating the worldwide markets since its release and has managed to sell more than 18 million units. Same was expected after its release in China. However, it seems like Sony will have to wait a bit longer for this to happen.

Originally planned for January 11 release in China, Sony’s latest gaming machine has been delayed indefinitely. The news is surely a huge disappointment for fans waiting to grab their favourite gaming machine. Sony’s handheld was also scheduled for a release on the same day.

Reports state that the delay is due to prolonged negotiations between Sony and the Chinese authorities, but the company stated that the decision was made due to “various factors.”

The release would have marked Sony’s debut in the Chinese market after a 14 year ban of video game consoles. Microsoft has a head start and has already released Xbox One in China.

China is considered as the world’s third largest market which Sony will be more than eager to penetrate with its PlayStation brand. Release in China might also help develop stronger sales for PlayStation Vita.

Coming to an agreement with the Chinese government is not an easy task as they have strict censorship regulations among other factors. Since Microsoft managed to land on the same page as the Chinese authorities, hopes are, Sony will also be able to do the same.

For now, fans in China will have to wait in order to play their favourite Sony games. When/If PS4 comes to China; it will be available for 2,899 Yuan, which is roughly $467. Meanwhile, PS Vita is priced at 1,299 Yuan and will be available alongside PS4.