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PlayStation 4 Users Spend 3.5 Times More than PC Players

Free to Play model is even more popular these days than how much it used to be when only PC players got F2P games. There are more console game developers who are inching towards it every passing day.

One reason for this was was explained by John Smedley of SOE recently.

The president of Sony Online Entertainment was talking to Gamasutra recently where he revealed some really astonishing figures regarding the monetization rates in the console market – especially PlayStation 4.

According to him, the amount of money spent by PlayStation 4 players on games like these is a multifold greater than how much the PC community spends on them:

The PS4 has been monetizing amazingly well — between 3 and 3.5x the monetization rate of the PC. Seeing that kind of difference in pay rate between the PC and the PS4 is really astounding — it shows there‚Äôs a real market there.

However, everything has a natural order to it; and in this case it is related to the efforts required from the developers when they are porting, developing or updating F2P games. Smedley believes that it is much harder to release and manage free to play games on consoles than it is on PCs.

One thing that he specifically mentioned among the issues that make it harder was the absence of a mouse.

Moving on, he mentioned that regular updates which are a cardinal aspect of games running on the F2P model saying that they proved to be especially tougher due to the processes required by the console manufacturers:

Getting a patch that goes out on PC, PS3 and PS4 takes a hell of a lot of coordination. You have to submit the PS3 and PS4 versions separately, and they sometimes take different amounts of time to come back. Logistics are the toughest part of it.

So what do you think, are all these hardships really going to pay off as Smedley estimates?