New WiLD Screenshots Showcase Natural Habitats

A bunch of new screenshots have been released for WiLD, the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title from Wild Sheep Studios.

The online survival adventure game was first unveiled during Sony’s conference at Gamescom 2014. The debut trailer did spark curiosity in everyone. The new screenshots do so even more with a showcasing of the game’s natural environments.

WiLD is set 10,000 years ago where players can choose to play as either an animal or human being. According to the studio’s co-founder Michael Ancel (Rayman creator) the game will boast a world-size equivalent to that of Europe and which will be “filled with interactive opportunities.”

Wild Sheep Studios is aiming for a unique experience every time you log in. Each play through will have players discover new things.

There is little known about the game, aside from that. It’s understandable though because the game is still in early stages of development.