MMORPG Crowfall Announced By ArtCraft, Official Website Launched

AAA developers have been struggling to perform lately and indie titles seem to be on the rise. Some great titles came out last year from indie devs and more are expected in coming months.

Expectations are high from indie games in terms of creativity and ambition. To reveal its new game, indie developer ArtCraft Entertainment created a website a few weeks ago. However, at the time, no one knew what the game was about or even its title. The website is question is known as Play2Crush and asked fans to sign-up.

The website managed to collect 10,000 registrations, without even revealing the name of the game. That’s impressive! Now, developer ArtCraft has officially announced the project which is dubbed as Crowfall, the game is an MMORGP and Play2Crush has been transformed into the official page for Crowfall.

Speaking about the game, Gordon Walton, executive producer and president of ArtCraft stated:

Crowfall isn’t a game for everyone. It’s for players who are looking for a more immersive, more visceral experience. The early response was fantastic, but we still expect to build this community one player at a time.

Furthermore, between now and late February, all of the details about the game will be shared with fans. When all said and done, ArtCraft is going to play a game called ‘Rampant Speculation.’ According to Todd Coleman of ArtCraft, they will be sharing new screenshots, storyline, hints, and more. Fans will be asked to speculate and figure out what’s going on!

Rampant speculation or not, people speculate nonetheless. I guess ArtCraft will provide an official speculation forum to fans and will try to get more and more people to talk about their game.

Thanks, Gamasutra.