Major US Retailers Give PlayStation TV an Unofficial Price Cut

Major retailers in the U.S. are reported to be selling the PlayStation TV for $80, $20 short of its official $100 price listing. In addition to that, the $140 bundle featuring a controller has also had its price lowered to $100.

Amazong, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart are all featuring the same discounted price. However, there has been no official word by Sony on the new pricing. T

he company has also not given a statement on why the prices have been lowered down. Until then we’re skeptical if the new price is an official one since Sony is still selling it for $100 and $140 respectively on its own website.

Sony’s game-streaming micro-console was launched in October last year and gives consumers access to games spanning across all major PlayStation platforms, including the PS One, PSP, and PS Vita. The PS One and PSP games will be available digitally only, while Vita titles can be played by both downloading or inserting the actual game card.

As for the PS4, subscribers to the service can utilize Remote Play to stream PS4 games onto a separate television that is connected to PlayStation TV. Through PlayStation Now, consumers can also stream PS3 titles.

Source GameSpot