Kingdom Hearts III’s Release Date “Remains Unannounced”

Square Enix has just now offered a clarification over a previous statement made by Bill Farmer. Earlier in the day, Farmer, the voice actor for Goofy in the previous Kingdom Hearts games and various cartoons, stated that Kingdom Hearts III will be released this year.

Responding to fans on Twitter, Farmer said he had been working on the game for some years now and that his work was completed some time ago. While he can’t speak the same for the other voice actors, he’s pretty certain that the game is going to be released this year.

He was bombed with more questions after that, ranging from fans asking about the plot to specific game details. It was understandable for most to be skeptical since Kingdom Hearts II took its sweet time, and it would be a surprise to see the third installment land in stores in just two years time.

Farmer was unable to respond to most requests, stating that the voice work is done before he has anything visual to reference. Then again, his contract probably forbids him to reveal anything about the game until its release.

Square Enix then followed up with the following tweet: ‘There was a Goof! The release date for @KINGDOMHEARTS III remains unannounced.”

Kingdom Hearts III has been rarely in the news following its E3 2013 reveal. While Farmer’s comments might have made fans excited, Square Enix’s followup suggests there’s a likelyhood of not seeing Kingdom Hearts III this year at all.

Kingdom Hearts III is in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

via IGN