Hellblade Confirmed for PC Release, Open Beta Might Happen Soon

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade has now been revealed to be in development for the PC as well.

Speaking with PC Gamer, studio head Tameem Antoniades marked the PC platform for giving a “level of freedom” that the studio hasn’t had before.

He commended the Steam platform for what it has been able to achieve in the past years and said that an open beta right now seems easier on a PC than on consoles.

From the way Ninja Theory is going about it, it’s possible that we’ll be seeing an open beta for the game take place on the PC later this year.

“If we want to do an open beta right now, it’s a little bit trickier to do that [on consoles]than on PC,” he said. “Playtesting is a huge thing for us. Usability testing, getting people hands-on to try things out, get feedback, then roll that back in and improve the game… it’s always been essential for us to do that.”

In addition to that there’s also a high chance of the game being released on PC with support for mods and 4K resolution. “I think we want to get to the point where we can invite players and fans to add to the game, and do things that are unexpected, and suggest ideas or add-ons that can make the game richer.”

Hellblade was revealed at Gamescom 2014 as a digital title for the PlayStation 4. The third-person action hack-and-slash title is based on Celtic myth and features Senua as its female protagonist, who as far as we know right now embarks on a difficult journey through underworld.

Source PC Gamer