Final Fantasy Explorers Gets New Cecil, Bartz and Lighting Costumes

Final Fantasy Explorers has received some new costumes which fans will highly enjoy. Players can now transform their in-game character into Lighting through a new costume. That’s not all! The costume comes with Blaze Edge Sword as a weapon for all your combat needs.

Moreover, if you prefer Cecil over Lighting, the game is offering players with a Cecil costume as well. Similar to the Lightning costume, players will receive a weapon as well, which is a trademark Cecil Holy Sword.

If both of these awesome costumes don’t interest you, may be the Bartz costume will. Bartz is last on the list, but certainly not the least and players who use this costume will be able to equip a Brave Sword.

All three of these costumes are available for 150 yen each. After dressing up your character in one of these costumes, you can take them on new quests called Dragon Soul and Ultimate Battle, which are also available to download. You can check some images of the new costumes below.