Bioware Discusses SWTOR Exploit, Fix Coming on Tuesday

There are tons of fans of Star Wars the Old Republic, and among them are many who spend time with SWTOR on a regular basis.

If you are one of them, you would know of an exploit that is being used by some of the fans in the recent days.

Eric Musco the Community Manager of for Bioware took to the official forums of SWTOR and explained what they were doing about the current exploit “going around” in the game.

While he agreed that the developers were well aware of the exploit, he said that this wasn’t the place for discussing specifics. What you should know is that a fix for this exploit will probably out by the coming Tuesday.

Here’s a short excerpt from what he said about it:

First, we are definitely aware of the issue! It is our plan to have a fix in place for it next Tuesday. We have received a lot of questions of what, if any action will be taken against those who have used this exploit. While I cannot going into specifics about that, it has and will remain our policy that any use of an exploit can lead to action being taken against your account up to and including permanent suspension.

He also said that players shouldn’t “test” the exploit themselves, and should report it privately. Lastly, he said that you should not make posts regarding the exploit on the forums i.e. posts with explanations or details of the exploit as that would be against the rules of the forums.

People who wish to avoid facing any consequences in relation to the said exploit should adhere to what is being said by the developers of SWTOR. You may go here to read more about it.