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Battlefield Hardline Beta Details Coming Next Week, Says EA

After the disappointment of Battlefield 4, EA is ready to make things right with the release of Battlefield Hardline. The cops vs criminal shooter is heading to all major platforms later this year and to test the game out, Battlefield Hardline will head into its first beta soon. Which is a good things considering the issue we had with BF4.

The news came from EA stating that every week, till the release of the game, they’ll share new information about Battlefield Hardline.

In a post on, the publisher stated:

“Tune in each week for new spotlights featuring exclusive game and behind the scenes content for Battlefield Hardline,” said EA. “Every Wednesday from now until launch, Visceral Games will be sharing more information about Battlefield Hardline, taking you behind the scenes of development, revealing new information on features, game modes and more.”

The first piece of news we’ll be getting is regarding the beta of Battlefield Hardline. Beta is expected to be available on all platforms but we’ll get confirmation in the coming week. So stay-tuned for more on that.

Battlefield Hardline is in development at Visceral Games and is to be released in March for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.